Child Custody Lawyer: How Much Does The Legal Service Cost?

Child Custody Lawyer: How Much Does The Legal Service Cost?

Lawyers take various approaches to how they bill and how much they ask for a fee for their services. Custody issues lawyers will charge a flat rate of all the legal services, for simple or uncontested cases. But, if you have trouble negotiating or considering going to court, be sure to ask upfront; how much does custody lawyer cost?

Child custody lawyers cost

There are legal fees associated with the child custody case. Some elements influence the overall cost of child custody, such as:

  • Cost of specialist witnesses
  • Miscellaneous costs
  • Number of hours spent during court hearings
  • Depositions
  • Number of motions filed

What to expect from a child custody lawyer?

If there’s an agreement between you and the other party out of court regarding child custody, the process can be less expensive and shorter. Once you end it up in the court, the judge determines which parent is more willing and cares for the child, and that the person is given primary custody. It is possible to share custody if you are both deemed equal. A good child custody lawyer tries hard to ensure the proceedings don’t get out of hand and then the outcome will be fair.


Collecting child support

Collecting child support is challenging, especially if the children are not yet of legal age. It starts with a court order and uses enforcement measures to ensure any unpaid support is received. Arranging and collecting child support from the ex-spouse is stressful. But, there are actionable measures to take to set up child support and enforce collection.

Court order or divorce decree for child support

If the divorce degree doesn’t specify the child support terms, you must get a court order for the child support. Talk to a family lawyer on how to apply for the court order for child support or check with the child support of the state.


To have a court order should be the first step, but it doesn’t always ensure payment. When the other parent doesn’t make the child support payments as ordered, start sending a demand for a child support payment letter.

It’s best to request the payment in writing because it documents your attempt at resolving the matter. The demand for child support payment motivates the other party to pay the child support. If not, never stop there. If the non-payer has a job or is employed, most states will be allowed to file an income withholding order even without a lawyer.