Everything I Learned About In Casa Corazon Intercultural Early Learning
Casa de Corazón

Everything I Learned About In Casa Corazon Intercultural Early Learning

As your child grows, young children develop social and emotional skills, such as adjusting their emotions, sharing with others, and the stages of language development in understanding and speech. In addition, the ability to learn the style and characters, child grows will have individual needs.

Today, this program can improve the knowledge of your child to appreciate and treasure their own with other’s cultural practices and outlook. To explore different ways of communicating in cultural groups. The group of Casa de Corazón Early Learning will increase the social impact of your child and various child care services.

Casa de Corazón

How to bring up a child in this program?

  • A second home for your child. They approach your child with a very warm welcome and embrace of love and care. The Casa Corazon teachers will make a comfortable environment for your child, healthy foods, fun learning, and some qualities within your home.
  • To teach your child cross-cultural education. To help your child in good cross-cultural ethics and enhance their logic skills, math, and english as well. Enable to build self confidence, creativity, and analytical skills.
  • To improve their socio-emotional and interpersonal skills. With good cross-cultural ethics, your child can easily understand and be flexible to other cultures. This will bring your child advantages in the future.

What food can they provide for your child?

They provide organic food.This is natural food balanced for your child. In preparing the food it’s certified by the State Department of Health including the commercial kitchen.

What available on stages and learning do they have?

  • Infants – ages 6 weeks and 15 months

Provide them with optimal growth and comfort like a sense of encouragement, responsibility, warmth, and affection. They learn some baby sign languages, songs, books, and more.

  • Toddlers – ages 15 to 30 months

They will learn to captivate Spanish culture and social traits.

  • Preschool – ages 2.5 – 4 years

They will be able to learn cultural appreciation and enter preschool.

  • Pre-K – ages 4 to 5 years

Reading enhancement and pre-writing

  • Summer Camp- Children entering from Grade 1- 6
  • Enrichment Activities – Cultural celebration, birthdays, and family gatherings.
  • Curriculum- Learning them hispanic, cultural and tradition with musical and social characteristics

What are the benefits of cross-cultural learning?

  • These are ideal ways of learning for children to interact with different cultures and apply skills. Teach them at an early age and raise them to become respectful and valued.
  • Multiculturalism curiosity is to embrace and welcome other cultures and raises.
  • Learning cross cultural inclusion of full possibility to be happy and well-adjusted learners like respect, empathy, and open minded.