Architectural design involves five stages.
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Architectural design involves five stages.

When designing a project using an architectural design that has lots of details within it, the design incorporates numerous details for safety and luxury living. The architectural design in Bangkok assists you in focusing on the design with the exact requirements.

There are five stages in architectural design.

  • Pre-design
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Construction drawing
  • Construction

Pre design

The first objective in architectural design is to get to know the client’s requirements for the project and his vision and goals based on the project. The first thing to discuss, regardless of whether the project is residential, hospital, industry, mall, or another social interactive area, is the project’s scope, features, purpose, and functionality. Know the above information, such as the purposes and design requirements, before beginning the project, as well as the materials that will be used and the land that is available for the project.

Schematic design

Next to the pre-design, draw a rough sketch using the collected information as illustrated in the basic concept of design and share it with the project owner to confirm whether the requirement for the project is fulfilled or more is needed. At this stage, you need to complete all the initial developments and regulations, like floor plans, step areas, elevator locations, and all other wall sections. You can proceed to the next step after sharing the entire schematic design with the project and checking for corrections. If any correction is needed, then finish it before moving on to the next step.

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Design development

When the schematic design is perfect, then develop the design with the exact materials that you use to build the project. This involves finalizing the design and choosing the perfect material for the windows and doors, as well as other important structural details.

Construction drawing

After you have completed the entire requirement, you can begin constructing the design into the blueprint and use this to learn about the bid construction using the drawing. The architectural design in Bangkok assists in drawing the design to your specifications.


This is the final stage; you can start constructing using the blueprint of the architectural design. If you need changes at the last minute, they are willing to make them for your benefit at any stage of the project.