Tips to maintain your swimming pool

Tips to maintain your swimming pool

A pristine swimming pool is loved by all. You have to invest a lot for its maintenance if you want it to stay squeaky clean all the time.  A green pool not only looks untidy but also is a home for allergies and infections.

When you have kids around you need to be more careful. Here are some tips to make you aware of how to clean a green swimming pool.

  • Check the water chemistry of the pool

These days test strips are available in the market for checking the chemical level of your pool. Finding out the chemical balance of the pool is easy with this. You can buy these kits with the help of a professional and check the chemical level often.

  • Shock your pool

At times it is necessary to shock your pool with chlorine granules. This is a method to remove bacteria and algae almost instantly. You have to add a high amount of chlorine when you feel the pool has been heavily spoiled. Make sure to read the instructions on how to use it.

  • Drain the pool

You have to drain the pool and give an acid wash when the pool is completely clogged with algae. When your pool has greenish-black deposits it is due to algae accumulation. After draining you can scrub the floor clean with the help of chemicals.

  • Clean the filter

The leaves from the bordering trees and other dust accumulated may clog the pool filters. When you feel an unpleasant smell or feel that the water is getting stagnant, it is an sign of clogged filters. Cleaning the filters is an important step in maintaining your pool.

  • Vacuum your pool

Once you remove the floating algae, you have to vacuum the pool to waste. This means that you vacuum the debris collected out of the pool and send the water through the backwash line, not the pool filter.

  • Floc the pool

After clearing the filter, the residue leftover has to be removed. If you add a flocculent, the debris gets collected together. This can be vacuumed from the bottom of the pool. It is necessary to clean the pool without any spots.

You can enjoy a good time at the pool only if you take extra care for its maintenance. Make sure to attend to it once a week. You can also choose to cover your pool so that debris and other dust are kept to the least. Go ahead and follow the above steps to have a crystal clear pool.