Liv @ MB Floor Plan Know-It-All 

Liv @ MB Floor Plan Know-It-All 

The floor plan gives a rough image of what a particular condo will take the shape of, by a two-dimensional view of doors, windows, room layout, and more. Even if one is trying to rent or stay in a condo, buying it is a useful and reliable decision. As in a pre-construction condo, one cannot physically walk in, hence understanding the floor plan is very crucial. When you are buying a pre-constructed condo for the very first time it may look like some incomprehensible lines and numbers, these are points that you should look into to have a clear understanding of Liv @ MB floor plan.

  • Model/Suite name –

First and foremost you should look into the name of the suite so that it can be easily remembered.

  • Information about the model –

This will help you to know the details such as square footage, number of bedrooms, balcony, etc. Such places will always be labeled so that they can be easily read and for proper understanding of the buyer.

  • Dimensions –

Dimensions are vividly described in a condo floor plan of the areas and rooms in feet and inches. It even includes arrows to understand the particular dimensions it is referring to. One of the key features to note is that the room is measured from the center assuming the space being a rectangle, but there might be changes in the actual room measurements and it might even vary in the shape or curvature of the suite.

  • Doors and Walls –

Indication of the opening of doors or sliding doors will be shown by a dotted line or even an arrow in the direction it opens.

There are various descriptions for portraying a wall in the floor plan, such as thicker lines shows that it is a wall dividing the neighbor’s or exterior of the building and thinner walls represent the interior walls.

  • Furniture –

Sometimes even the placement of the furniture is also represented in the floor plan to indicate the proportion and to see how the space is utilized. It does not necessarily mean that the furniture will be provided with the suite, once confirming this fact with the agent or representative would be good.

The best way to understand floor planning is to visualize yourself in the space and feel it. Not all floor plan imagination will match with the actual condo but that’s alright.