High-Quality Virtual Reality Headset For Online Gamers
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High-Quality Virtual Reality Headset For Online Gamers

With the growing numbers of online users recently, many people are looking for virtual accessories, such as a headset, computer mouse, and keyboard. Not only these accessories are in demand, some are giving ways to the users to have a convenient and more fun online browsing experience.

Durable headset for streamers

So Nerdy is offering a high-quality brand of virtual headsets for online gamers. As a streamer, you will have an extreme streaming setup with this latest accessory. The virtual headset is compatible with PC, Xbox, PS4, and even smartphones. With a massive number of virtual games that are coming out, many players are interested to get engaged in it and start earning. Finally, the best 2021 virtual headset is designed and released in the market. The fact that online games are made not just for fun, technologies are getting more advanced that made headsets are leveled up. From the traditional wired headset to the wireless one, the Bluetooth, almost everything gets more convenient.

The best headset for YouTubers/Streamers

The HTC VIVE Pro VR system is used by the headset, making the users’ experience feel like they are not playing, instead, they are in the real world. Recently, YouTubers used this headset system to make their streams more exciting and with real feels. The VR headset is from the popular HTC brand that works with Steam on Windows operating system. It has a tracking solution ideally made for multi-users. Here are the features of the VR headset:

So Nerdy

  • High resolution OLED display (2880 x 1600px)
  • High-quality and clear audio (with active cancellation)
  • Headphones (2D spatial sound)
  • Easy adjustment
  • VIVE tracker ecosystem
  • VIVEPORT Infinity (with a large library of virtual games)

VR System Technical Specification

Every VR brand has different specifications. You will have wired and wireless as well as it differs on some other features. But, if you are seeking a high-quality and good brand, HTC will be the right choice to purchase. The HTC VR system technical specification has a great difference to the other brands and models of the same kind. It has the following technical specifications:

  • Headset
  • Controllers
  • Tracking area

Gamers and Youtubers can have this kind of VR system, especially if you guys are looking for a high-quality and all-in-one headset accessory for your computer set up. It offers great performance and is good for newbies and long-time streamers. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly manual that gives you clear instructions on how to use it.