Choose the vinyl floor according to the environment and the passage

Choose the vinyl floor according to the environment and the passage

moderate – usable thickness less than 0.15 mm : it is suitable for domestic environments with moderate passage such as the bedroom and bathroom .

medium – usable thickness around 0.15 mm : suitable for domestic environments with medium traffic such as bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms .

strong – usable thickness about 0.30 mm : also ideal for high-traffic domestic environments such as entrances and kitchens.

intense – usable thickness approx.0.55 mm – also suitable for commercial use in high traffic places such as shops and restaurants.How to lay a vinyl floor in vinyl plank flooring in baton rouge la.

Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install and you can do the job yourself in no time and with little effort. It is simply cut with a cutter and can be shaped near furniture and corners.

floating installation with click or without click : it is applied directly on the existing floor, preferably with an insulating mat.

adhesive installation: it is really simple and fast. For a flawless result, we recommend that you clean and prepare the floor with a specific primer.

Laying and installation:

You choose, we’ll take care of the installation. Our craftsmen are available for an inspection, a quote and to lay the floor you have chosen.

The arrangement of the elements, blades and tiles, changes the perception of space and must be carefully established based on the shape of the room, the light source and the position of doors and windows.

Evaluate the lighting and try to lay the floor vertically to the natural or artificial light source. The grazing light enhances the grain of the wood and minimizes any imperfections in the installation and scratches.

The diagonally arranged blades make the room optically longer. Instead, they widen it if arranged in parallel and in the orthogonal sense with respect to the entrance.

Identify the characteristics of the walls: if the walls are out of square , laying in parallel or running is not recommended because it highlights the defect in the wall. Diagonal laying and herringbone laying are highly recommended.

How to maintain and clean the vinyl floor

Vinyl floors are very resistant and their cleaning and maintenance is very simple. To wash, just wipe with a soft cloth, moistened only with water and well wrung out. If you need to cleanse more thoroughly, we recommend using specific non-aggressive cleaners.