Are you unable to control sleep in daytime?
deficit hyperactivity disorder

Are you unable to control sleep in daytime?

Did you ever notice among your friend or family that someone is unable to control their sleep in the day time and they can sleep at anytime and anywhere whatever activity they might be doing. Then there is chance that that person is suffering from Narcolepsy. The person can also get into rapid eye movement in the sleep. Generally it is not diagnose as people does not consider these symptoms as a disorder or a problem. But that does not mean that there is no treatment for it. There are many types of drugs available for these diseases one among them is the Adderall which is used by most of the people suffering from such problems. But along with the drugs the support of their family and friends can help them to manage the symptoms.

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Some symptoms faced by such people

  • The first symptom observed among these people is the daytime sleepiness, they can sleep anywhere either they might be in between some activity or conversation. They sleep for a while and they feel refreshed but that does not mean that they will not get sleep again. They can sleep at anytime again. Due to this the person will not be able to focus and have to face lot of difficulties.
  • Some of them may face loss of muscles, and due to this they can become very weak and also the speech can be affected. It can be triggered by both positive and negative emotions like laughing, thrilled, fear, anger and many other emotions. It is not compulsory that all the patients suffering from narcolepsy will face this condition.
  • When they fall asleep and once they wake up for few minutes they may not be able to walk or talk. If the person is already aware about the problem then they will not face much difficulty in recalling what has happened, but even though they do not have any control on what is happening. This condition is called sleep paralysis, and it is not compulsory that all the people who are suffering from sleep paralysis will also suffer from narcolepsy.
  • They can get into rapid eye movement sleep as soon as they fall asleep. This is the sleep time where most of the dreams happen.
  • They can experience a perception of something present in the room like a person while the person is not completely asleep. And they start imagining the dream as reality due to which they may be frightened.


Hope the above mentioned information will be helpful and never overlook such symptoms.